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Holy pafnutiev Borovsky monastery

249010, the Kaluga region, Borovsk, PO Roscha (PO – post office)
паломническая служба - 8 961 005 39 45

The founder of the monastery Blessed Paphnutius of Borovsk was born in 1395. In 1444, Paphnutius and his disciples built the first temple in almost impassable forests of Borovsk – 1444 is considered to be the year of erection of the Monastery of Borovsk.

Paphnutius died in 1477, but in 1547 was consecrated a saint. This small monastery, having become the citadel of Muscovy in its fight for the unity of Russian lands, grew and coined money very fast. At the end of the XVI century, fearing war with Poland, Moscow government fortified the Monastery of St. Paphnutius of Borovsk and built strong fortress walls. The Polish “Diary of events of the Time of Troubles” contains a record dating back to 1610 that “the monastery was made of stone and quite strongly fortified, there was a deep water around”. Walls have three tiers: long-, middle- and short-range combat. One of chronicles of the XVII century tells that when False Dmitry II laid siege to the monastery, he encountered strong opposition and was able to penetrate the territory of the monastery only because of treachery of the Voivode. However, its defenders headed by Prince Volkonsky did not stop resistance and all of them were killed inside the temple. Borovsk obtained its coat of arms in 1777 as a memory about this act of bravery: a heart with a cross (symbol of fidelity) in a laurel wreath, and a funeral chapel of Princes Volkonskys was created.

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