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Khabarovsk Krai , CHegdomyn

The Bureinsky state nature reserve

Заповедник «Буреинский»
Заповедник «Буреинский»
Заповедник «Буреинский»
Заповедник «Буреинский»
Заповедник «Буреинский»

The Reserve was set up in 1987. Its area (358,400 ha) includes the upper reaches of the Bureya-Left and Bureya- Right rivers basins. In the south the Reserve borders on the Bureinsky Mountain Range and in the east on the Dusse-Alin Mountain Range. In the north it borders on the Ezop and Yam- Alin mountain ranges and in the west on the Olga River Basin.

The Reserve includes exclusively primeval forests and mountain landscapes. The lowest point is 550m and the highest 2,138m above the sea level. The climate of the Reserve is affected by the proximity of the Pacific Ocean and by the continentally of the Eastern Siberia's climate. All these make the climate of the Reserve a northern version of the monsoon one. Farther to the mountains the climate becomes more severe up to the tundra features found in the zone of the bald mountains.

25 species of mammals, including elk, reindeer and musk deer, and rare Manchurian deer and roe deer live on the territory of the Reserve. From the predatory animals one can find here brown bear and wolf. There are also can be found wolverene, sable, ermine, mink and sometimes lynx.

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Phone number: +7 (42149) 5-28-35
Address: Хабаровский край, Верхнебуреинский район, п. Чегдомын, ул. Зеленая, 3

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