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Smolensk Oblast

Smolenskoye Poozyorye National Park

Национальный парк «Смоленское поозерье»
Национальный парк «Смоленское поозерье»
Национальный парк «Смоленское поозерье»
Национальный парк «Смоленское поозерье»
Михаил Волков , Туристско-информационный центр «Смоленский терем»

Smolenskoye Poozyorye is one of the largest national parks in the Central European part of Russia. It is 120 kilometers away from Smolensk and occupies a part of the Demidovsk and Dukhovshchinsk districts.

With a small local population, and no active industry or agriculture, the park provides visitors the opportunity to be truly surrounded by nature. That is why Smolenskoye Poozyorye is a favorite place among Smolensk citizens and guests of the city. The main advantage of the park is the diversity of natural habitats throughout the year. The local flora is not uniform, but in the most popular places, the forests are mostly mixed pine and fir.  The lakes in Smolenskoye Poozyorye lakes differ dramatically in dimensions, terrain, shape, and flora. There are more than 35 lakes in the park.

Smolenskoye Poozyorye National Park is a specially protected natural reserve. Hunting is prohibited here all year round, and there are restrictions on fishing. Fishing is free of charge, but fishermen must use particular kinds of tackle and can fish only in certain times of the year.  Tourist campsites are mainly located on lake's shores and require payment. Tables, fire-pits, and toilets are available for tourists, who can also count on firewood delivery and garbage removal. For those who seek a little more comfort, the park offers a health center, recreation centers, and guest houses.

Smolenskoye Poozyorye also offers museums and ecological paths equipped with locational signs and information boards. Any type of vacation is available in Smolenskoye Poozyorye: beach and active rest, hours- and day-long walks, water and bicycle routes.

Informational Center for Culture and Tourism of Smolensk «Smolenskiy terem» /

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Phone number: (48147) 2-62-04
Address: Смоленская обл., Демидовский р-н, п. Пржевальское, ул.Гуревича, д. 19 (офис)

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