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Pskov Oblast , Maly

Malsky Monastery

Malsky monastery is an architectural monument located 4 km to the north-west from Izborsk. It was founded in the second half of the 15th century, during last years of the existence of the Pskov republic, by a monk Onufry, as the Onufry’s hermitage. Later on a monastery was established which consisted mainly of wooden structures. In the beginning of the 16th century several stone structures were built in the monastery; they represented its composite basis which was preserved to these days. They combined a church, a habitable house and a fortress. In 1581 the monastery was turned into ruins by the troops of the Polish king Stephan Batory. In the subsequent decades the ruined monastery outbuildings were partly restored. And since 1675 the monastery again became functioning. The northern war and the national pestilence brought the hermitage to desolation, it was opened again only in 1734. In 1764 due to financial problems the Malsky monastery like many other Russian monasteries was abolished. In the monastery’ territory there is a still running Malsky spring. It is considered sacred. At this spot in the 15th century a church of the Nativity was built. Opposite the Nativity church was belfry with eight spans for bells, which was reconstructed in 1902. The church is functioning.

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Address: Псковская область, поселок Малы

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