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Stavropol Krai , Pyatigorsk

Lermontov Gallery in Pyatygorsk

The Lermontov Gallery is situated in the center of ancient park «Tsvetnik» in Pyatygorsk. This gallery already became a symbol of the resort. The gallery was constructed at the beginning of the XX century.

Opening of gallery dated for day of Lermontov memory and called in his honor. This day was celebrated also by opening, a monument on a duel place in Pyatygorsk.

Lermontov Gallery is the anthem to eclecticism and a modernist style. Originality of the engineering decision, forms and designs (metal and glass) is equal to the Pushkin gallery in Zheleznovodsk.

Basis of the composition of building — its rich color scheme. Gallery is the extended rectangle about 86 m long, about 14 m wide and 10 m high. The middle part of the gallery has semicircular end. Its original design was developed by the architect I.Baykov.

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Phone number: +7 (8793) 39-14-36
Address: Ставропольский край, г. Пятигорск, пр-т Кирова, 21а

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