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Stavropol Krai , Kislovodsk is a city resort

The Narzan Gallery

At the end of Karl Marx Avenue lies one of the most interesting historical monuments in Kislovodsk, the Narzan Gallery. Its construction began in 1848 and took 10 years. The architect S. I.  Upton constructed the gallery in the medieval English style. Originally, the northern two-story side of this remarkable building contained guest rooms, while the lower level was devoted to baths and common bathing pools. Cold Narzan spring water was constantly pumped into these, so that the water in the pools was always fresh and 8-10 people could bathe in them simultaneously.

Somewhat later, samovars for warming up the Narzan water were installed in the inner yard. This yard was jokingly called the distillery house.

Today the northern side of the gallery is occupied by the monument's library and reading hall. Across fr om the reading hall, at the other end of the gallery, is the source of the Narzan spring, the source of the very water that made this resort famous and that attracts hundreds of thousands of people to sanatoriums in Kislovodsk every year.

The main six-meter-deep well is currently covered by a glass dome. Through the glass one can see the clear mirror-like water surface, its stillness interrupted by the small bubbles of carbon dioxide. In earlier times, the side wings of the gallery housed instruments for dry carbon dioxide therapy. This method of therapy is still very popular in the Czech Republic and in other European resorts.

The two wings of the building are joined together by a gallery that was built for the purpose of taking walks in in between sessions of drinking the healing waters. At the time, water was consumed at length and in large quantities. Every morning and every evening, an orchestra played, so in the middle of drinking the waters, one could not only take a walk but also dance.

Today the northern part of the gallery contains an auditorium that hosts concerts and films, and the other half contains the well-rooms, wh ere one can taste the refreshing waters straight from the source, directly from the hands of nature.  The gallery often hosts art exhibitions by artists from the Kavkaz Mineral Waters region and others,who come here from other parts of the country for a bit of rest in one of the Kislovodsk sanatoriums.

The Narzan gallery serves as a gateway to the unique Kislovodsk Park. It is also the starting point of the main mounting climbing trails in the region.

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Phone number: +7 (87937) 2-03-52, 2-31-52
Address: Stavropol Krai, Kislovodsk, Lenin Avenue, 25

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