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Ryazan Oblast , Brykin Bor

The Okskiy Reserve

Заповедник «Окский»
Фотобанк Лори
Заповедник «Окский»
Заповедник «Окский»

A quiet and peaceful part of Meshchera, the Okskiy Reserve is situated about 300 kilometers away fr om Moscow and 120 kilometers from Ryazan. The reserve pays special attention to the study and protection of rare animal species.

The breeding nurseries for pure-bred bison and Russian desman are famous in Russia and worldwide.

The breeding center for rare cranes is the only place in Russia wh ere one can see all types of Russian cranes in one place. The employees of the center were the first in the world to create the technology to save Siberian white cranes. They teach baby cranes to walk, and then to fly, to catch their own food, to communicate with other birds — on the whole, they learn to survive.

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