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Samara Oblast

Samarskaya Luka National Park

Национальный парк «Самарская Лука»
Национальный парк «Самарская Лука»
Национальный парк «Самарская Лука»
Национальный парк «Самарская Лука»

Samarskaya Luka is a land mass almost totally enclosed by a ring of water, formed by a bend of the Volga River and the Usa River. The only mountain range of the Russian plain, the Zhiguli Range, is situated on Samarskaya Luka, all along the Volga river.

In 1927, thanks to the efforts of the Russian biologist I. I. Sprygin, this area became the Zhigulevski State Natural Preserve. Originally the preserve was only 2,500 hectares, but already by 1937, it had been extended to 22,500 hectares. Later still, in 1984, Samarskaya Luka National Park was established.  Since that moment, all of the area between the bend of the Volga and Usa rivers became a special natural preserve.

In Samarskaya Luka, plants can be found that have existed since the last Ice Age, and some can be found nowhere else in the world.  The park is inhabited by 10 species of vertebrates and 28 species of invertebrates that are listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation.

Organized hiking and sightseeing paths lead visitors to the park's major landmarks: the Molodetsky mound, Devya mountain, the Kamennaya Chasha (Stone Bowl) natural landmark and the Vedmino (Witches») lake. It is also recommended to take a sightseeing tour to the large solutional cave that is commonly associated with the name of Stepan Razin. Locals say that in the 17th century he and his men used it as a hiding place.

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