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Kurgan Oblast

Lake Medvezhye

Озеро Медвежье
Курганская область

Lake Medvezhye is a hydro-geological monument on a federal scale; it is also known as the Dead Sea of the Trans-Urals Region. The lake is attributed to the category of brine lakes — the concentration of salts in the water is so great that salt deposits are generated there. In fact, the concentration of salt in the lake far exceeds their concentration in the Dead Sea. It is practically impossible to swim in it like in a regular lake, and it is almost impossible to drown — the water pushes the body out. But you could simply lie down on the water and read a book.

Lake Medvezhye is divided into two unequal portions by six islands: Lesser Medvezhye and Greater Medvezhye. Its circumference exceeds 60 km. The lake's area is 4.5 sq. km, and it is never more than 1.2 m deep. If one looks from the shore, the islands seem to comprise a narrow strip hidden in a light haze.

In the latter half of the 19th century, the lake was a source of table salt — over 800,000 poods of salt were extracted every year. By the end of the century the production stopped to be recommenced during the Second World War. In any case, the less important the lake became as a source of table salt, the more popular it was as a medicinal watering place. Every year, peasant wagons traveled to the shores of Lake Medvezhye for medicinal brine and mud. They arrived from miles away to conduct primitive mud therapy at their homes and baths. In the summer, peasants dug holes on the shores of the lake, filled them with the naturally heated mud and healed this way. In 1925, a resort was opened at Lake Medvezhye.

The lake water contains minerals in the form of salts and ions. It has an anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, desensitizing, anti-allergic, and stimulating effect; it is used to treat, for example, the nervous and endocrine systems, bone and joint diseases, and metabolic problems. Also, the ambient atmosphere is saturated with vapors soothing the nervous system.

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Address: Kurgan Oblast, Petukhovsky District, Village Lake Medvezhye

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