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Kaluga Oblast


Арт-парк «Никола-Ленивец»
Фотобанк Лори
Арт-парк «Никола-Ленивец»
Арт-парк «Никола-Ленивец»
Арт-парк «Никола-Ленивец»
Арт-парк «Никола-Ленивец»

Nikola-Lenivets is a unique Russian park, containing landscape installations and land-art sculptures by the leading icons of the Russian and international art scene.

The terriroty of Russia, and Kaluga oblast in particular, is covered with partially abandoned and desolate villages. Nikolai Polissky, a gifted artist from Moscow, settled down in one such place in 1994. At that time, the only attractions in the village were the ruins of a church, the natural setting, and the very peculiar name Nikola-Lenivets (Lenivets means «lazybones»). In the early 2000s, Nikolai began to «populate» the nearby forests and meadows with unusual structures and art installations.  These objects were created from natural materials: wood, snow, vines, pine cones. The structures were not built haphazardly, but carefully blended in with the landscape. Nikolai's work attracted many other artists, and starting from 2006, the Arkhstoyanie International Festival of Landscape Objects has been held in Nikola-Lenivets every year.

The park's 600 hectares include three villages: Zvizzhi, Koltsovo, and Nikola-Lenivets. A portion of the land belongs to the Ugra National Park and is considered a nature sanctuary. There are 31 land-art objects on the map of Nikola-Lenivets. The most famous of them are: Mayak (Lighthouse), Rotunda, Nikolino Ukho (Nikola's Ear), Vselenskiy razum (Universal mind), Bobur (Bеаubourg), and Pozolochenniy Telets (Golden Calf).

Every weekend in Nikola-Lenivets, you can take part in yoga classes, jogging, movie screenings, sightseeing tours, and bike rides. The weekend schedule also includes various workshops, events, and conferences with interesting people.

There are several variants of accomodation in Nikola-Lenivets: guest houses (Klever, Pizhma, Zveroboi), art hostel (Art Kazarma, indoors or outdoors), fully equipped camping or eco-camping (in Zvizzhanka). You can also bring your own tent and pitch it in any authorized area.

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Address: Dzerzhinsky District, Nikola Lenivets village

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