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The Republic of Mari El , SHariboksad

Morskoy Glaz Lake

Озеро Морской глаз
Фотобанк Лори
Озеро Морской глаз
Озеро Морской глаз

The lake is located in an indent between high hills. From above, from the hill, it feels like a completely round turquoise eye is looking at you — hence the name of the lake. This is a sink lake. It has underwater caves that have yet to be studied.

The area of Morskoy Glaz is not extensive, but it is rather deep. The color of its water varies from blue-green to light-emerald, depending on the weather. Tiny algae give the lake its unusual color. Despite this, the lake water is very clean — the locals even drink from it or from the stream that flows from Morskoy Glaz. The lake is home to tench, roach, silver and golden crucian carp, loach, ablet, and pike.

According to one legend, Morskoy Glaz was created as a result of a collapse, taking a merry wedding procession with it to the depths. Another states that thousands of years ago the lake was a part of a large sea and was separated from it by the rise of the land.

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