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Kursk Oblast , Prigorodnyaya Slobodka

St. Nicholas Monastery

Рыльский Свято-Николаевский мужской монастырь
Туристско-информационный центр Курской области

St. Nicholas Monastery is located at the distance of 100 kilometres from Kursk. This holy place became famous due to the spiritual endeavor of Archimandrite Hippolyte, who restored the ruined monastery during the Soviet period.

There are several temples in this Rylsk monastery. The main among them is the Svyato-Nicolaevsky Temple. The holy shrines of the monastery remain there: the ark with the part of the relics of St. John of Rylsk as well as the Icon of him and also the arks with dozens of the relics of Saints. The tomb of Archimandrite Hippolyte is on the southern side of the Nicolaevsky monastery. There is always a glimmering icon-lamp on the tombstone. The Temple of The Exaltation of the Holy Cross is situated in just a few metres to the left of the Nicolaevsky monastery and in a few dozen metres further there is the Trinity temple.

On the territory of the monastery there are several sacred springs of Saint Nicholas and St. John of Rylsk. There is also a cave with a healing blue clay near the springs.

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Address: Kursk Oblast, Rylsky District, Prigorodnaya Slobodka, Mirnaya St., 2

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