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Pskov Oblast , Pskov

Mirozhsky Monastery

The Savior Transfiguration Mirozhsky Monastery is not only the oldest monastery in Pskov, but in all of Russia. The establishment of the monastery goes back to the period of the beginning of the expansion of Orthodox Christianity in what is now Pskovskaya Oblast. Historiographers usually link the monastery's founding with the name of Saint Niphont, bishop of Novgorod, who occupied the imperious cathedral from 1130 to 1156.

In 1922, Mirozhsky Monastery was abolished by the secular authorities, and only in 1994 were prayers again heard below the vaulting of the monastery walls. Today the Mirozhsky Monastery is a functioning monastery, but it is also an architectural ensemble of great historic and aesthetic importance, and is open for public visits.

The ensemble of the monastery includes, first of all, the  Savior Transfiguration Cathedral, erected in the mid-12th century. This is an ancient monastery shrine and the center of Christian instruction in Pskov. The fresco paintings on the walls of the cathedral, 80% of which have been preserved over the centuries, represent a world-renowned cultural legacy. They depict the main scenes from the Holy Writ. The cathedral's frescoes were intended to serve as the gospel in pictures, understandable even to those who could not read. The founder of the monastery, Bishop Niphont, was determined bring Christian teaching to the Pskov congregation, and visual imagery was the only means available in those times. The fresco paintings of the Mirozhsky Monastery gave rise to a local school of icon-painting. The first icons of Pskov were painted here as well, on the lands between the Mirozha and Velikaya rivers, in the monastery's icon workshop. The Mirozhsky Monastery was a major cultural center of medieval Pskov and the Russian northwest.

The Stephan's Church dates to the 17th century. It is wonderfully decorated by the iconostasis, which was completed in the Byzantine tradition by the archimandrite Zinon in the 1990s.

The bell tower of the monastery was built in 1879. Crowned by a cupola roof, it adjoins the Sacred Gates and is, in its turn, adjoined by the two-story brethren's building, thus forming the northern facade of the monastery. The rector's building, constructed in the 18th-19th centuries, is located to the west of the Transfiguration Cathedral.

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Phone number: 8 (8112) 576-403 - канцелярия
Address: 2 Mirozhskaya embankment, Pskov

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