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The Republic of Buryatia

Zmeinaya Bay

Бухта Змеиная
Фотобанк Лори

Zmeinaya Bay, located in Chivyrkuyskiy Bay, is renowned for its healing hot springs.

Zmeinaya Bay has all features necessary for leisure, treatment, active and beach tourism. A local hot spring with a water temperature of up to 45°C has exclusive curative properties for the treatment of sciatica and chondrosis. Springs gush out both on land and under water. The bay is named «Zmeinaya» (Snake) because non-venomous snakes of the Colubridae family sometimes appear there.

Near the main spring, there are two wooden «bathtubs», where you can swim. Next to them, there are four mud springs, almost right on the beach. The temperature of the water ranges from 28 to 34°C.

The waters of these springs are of the allingite type of healing mineral waters — hydrocarbonate-sulphate-sodium, contain fluorine, and are weakly mineralized. The water smells and tastes of hydrogen sulfide. It is believed that the hot water of the Zmeiniy Spring can treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system and radiculitis.

During the summer, there is an influx of tourists to the spring. The land around the source does not freeze in winter, and the snow melts on the warm soil.

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