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Kirov Oblast , Kirov

Vyatka Paleontological Museum

Вятский палеонтологический музей
Вятский плеонтологический музей

Many of the exhibits at the Vyatka Paleontological Museum can be found nowhere else in the world. The area is home to a unique natural site — the Kotelnich tetrapod locality, where many fossil remains of pareiasaurs (lizards that lived 260 million years ago, at the end of the Permian period of the Paleozoic era) have been discovered. Excavations have been performed here since 1933. Researchers have collected a wealth of scientific data; over the last 20 years, paleontologists have discovered 20 new species of prehistoric animals.

In 1994, thanks to the Kotelnich locality, the Paleontological Museum was established in Kirov with a branch in Kotelnich. There are two halls at the Vyatka Museum. One is fully dedicated to the Permian period on Earth: it includes full skeletons of pareiasaurs and life-size reconstructions of animals of the Permian period. The second hall, «The History of Life on Earth», is devoted to the development of the planet as a whole. At the center of this room, you can see a full skeleton of the Tarbosaurus carnivorous dinosaur. The age of the find is 74 million years old and the skeleton is 6 m long. This exhibit was found in the heart of the Gobi Desert by a Soviet-Mongolian expedition.

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Phone number: (8332) 32-00-14
Address: 22 Spasskaya St., Kirov, Kirov Oblast

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