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Museum-Panorama the Borodino Battle

Музей-панорама "Бородинская битва"
Музей-панорама "Бородинская битва"
Музей-панорама "Бородинская битва"
Музей-панорама "Бородинская битва"

The Museum-Panorama the Borodino Battle is the only museum of Moscow which exposition is fully devoted to the Patriotic War of 1812. Panorama, as central museum exhibit, is a brilliant sample of military and historical painting of the beginning of XX century devoted to one of the key moments of the Russian history, to the Borodino Battle. The Panorama “Borodino” length by perimeter constitutes 115m and height makes up 15m. Panorama shows the events which have been on the field of battle at about 12:00 o`clock on 26 August (7 September) 1812. Panorama opening has been held in wooden pavilion on Chistye prudy (Clean Ponds) on 29 August 1912. By 1918 building has   fell into disrepair and second life of the Panorama started only in 1962 when the new building on Kutuzovsky Prospekt was built for 150th anniversary of the victory in the Patriotic War.

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Phone number: +7 (499) 148-19-27
Address: 38, Kutuzovsky Av.

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