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Astrakhan Oblast , Astrakhan

Astrakhan Kremlin

Астраханский кремль
Фотобанк Лори

The Astrakhan Kremlin, a federally protected monument, is a unique architectural complex of the 16th century, as well as an example of the religious architecture of the 18th century.

Astrakhan State United Historical and Architectural Museum Reserve comprises five historical buildings: Krasnye Vorota tower (exhibit: Astrakhan Kremlin, an Example of Military-Engineering Ingenuity from the Mid-16th Century); an Artillery yard with a gunpowder store from the 16th century; and a Torture Tower from the 16th century (two exhibits: Old Astrakhan Architecture and Legal History), as well as expositions of Guardhouse and Arsenal.

In 1558, during the reign of Ivan the Terrible, the wooden Kremlin was build as an outpost on Russia's southeastern frontier. In the 1680s, stone walls and eight towers (seven of which have been preserved) were built. The walls were made of the stone brought from ruined cities of the Golden Horde. The Kremlin's configuration was determined by the landscape. The Kremlin forms an improperly-shaped triangle. The walls are up to 3.5 meters wide, while the height of the building reaches 11 m. The total length of the walls is 1,554 meters. Three of the seven remaining towers have through-passages, and the other four have closed passages.

The Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral in the Kremlin is one of the best examples of Russian church architecture of the early 18th century. Peter the Great, who visited Astrakhan in 1722, admiringly said that he had never seen such a beautiful temple in his empire. There is a place for executions near the cathedral. There are two places for executions in Russia: on Red Square in Moscow and here.

The belfry of the Dormition Cathedral is the Resurrection Bell Tower built at the beginning of the 20th century. By the way, the bell tower is a «leaning» one: it leans off-center by 52 cm.

For the last few years, negotiations have taken place to include the Astrakhan Kremlin in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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Address: Astrakhan obl., Astrakhan, Vasily Trediakovsky st. 2/15

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