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Maly theatre

Малый театр
Малый театр
Малый театр
Малый театр

The troupe of the Maly theatre arose in 1756 at Moscow university, then it was included into the system of Imperial theatres. In 1824 the drama troupe of the Moscow imperial theatre celebrated a house warming on Peter (nowadays Theatrical) square. On this stage played Schepkin, Mochalov, Yermolov, Lensky, Yuzhin, Ostuzhev, Pashennaya, Tsarev, Ilyinsky, Tourchaninova, Yablochkina, Gogolev.

The Maly theatre repeatedly sent the production units (in particular, to Germany and the USA) for creation the performances in foreign theatres. Yury Solomin has staged the performance of A.N. Ostrovsky "the Wood" in Bulgaria, director Vitaly Ivanov – “Snow queen” in Germany, Boris Morozov — "Seagull" in Israel, «Leshij», « I shall render » — in Germany, « Apartment of Zoyka» in the USA, Vladimir Beylis — « the Cherry garden » in the USA, "Predators" of A. Pisemsky on Cyprus, "Suicide" in Japan, "Marriage" in Argentina, "Tsar Oedipus" and "Egor Bulychyov" and other performances in Mongolia. In its turn, our theatre is opened for cooperation with foreign directors. For example, Swedish director A. Nordstrem has staged here "King Gustav Vasa" of A. Strindberg, American director T. Mann — « Night of iguanid » to T. Williams, Israel director Ronen Ilan — “the Petty bourgeois in nobility”, Czech director Zdenek Mika – “the House on the sand” of I. Gubach.

Close ties of friendship connect the Maly theatre with Japan. The theater visited this country with tours four times. The Maly theater has presented there a number of performances on Russian classics.

During the last years Maly has visited France, Italy, Japan, Bulgaria, Korea, China, Latvia, Holland, Israel, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.
It is necessary to mention also extensive foreign relations of theatre school of Shepkin at Maly theatre. The representatives not only from different areas and national republics of Russia, but also from many countries studied and study here. During 15 years five rates of South Korea studio and two German rates were graduated. Graduates from Shepkin school work in many countries today. The artistic leader of the Maly theatre, The national actor of the USSR Yuri Solomin.

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