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Pskov Oblast , Pushkinskie Gory

Mikhailovskoe Museum Preserve

The formal name of the Mikhailovskoe Museum Preserve is the Mikhaikovskoe Alexander Pushkin State Memorial History, Literary, and Natural Museum Preserve. It is a unique national monument to Russian culture. Mikhailovskoe, Trigorskoe, Petrovskoe, and the Svyatye Gory (renamed Pushkinskie Gory in 1924) are famous for being related to the life and work of the great Russian poet.

Since the 1930s, the Mikhailovskoe village has been known as the poetic birthplace of Pushkin. It is on the ancient Pskov soil that his poetic talent gained in strength and his genius blossomed. It is also here that the poet is buried, next to the altar wall of the Assumption Cathedral of the Svyatogorsky Monastery, four kilometers from Mikhailovskoe.

The territory of the museum preserve is 9800 hectares. It includes the Mikhailovskoe, Trigorskoe, and Petrovskoe mansions and the memorial parks; the tomb of Alexander Pushkin and the necropolis of the Hannibal and Pushkin families in Svyatogorski Monastery; the ancient settlement sites Velye, Voronich, Vrev, Savkino; the lakes Belogul, Velye, Kuchane, Malenets, Chernoe; and the flood meadows of the Soroti river. The Bagrovo Village Windmill Museim also operates in the Mikhailosvkoe Museum Preserve. Also included into the memorial complex are the monumental ensemble from the 14th-16th century Svyatogorsky Monastery and the mansions of the poet's relatives, friends, and neighbors: Voskresenskoe, Golubovo, Deriglazovo, Lysaya Gora, and the historical part of the merchant village Velye, dating from the 16th-20th centuries. The Preserve's scientific and cultural center also operates in Pushkinskie Gory.

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Phone number: +7 (81146) 2-23-21, +7 (81146) 2-26-09
Address: The Pskov region, Pushkinogorsky District, village Mikhailovskoye

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