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Moscow Oblast , Arkhangelsk

The Arkhangelskoye State Museum Estate

Государственный музей-усадьба «Архангельское»
Фотобанк Лори
Государственный музей-усадьба «Архангельское»
Министерство культуры Правительства Московской области
Государственный музей-усадьба «Архангельское»
Фотобанк Лори

With its impressive size and beauty, the Arkhangelskoye estate provides convincing evidence that a famous noble family's residence could rival those of grand ducal families. At various times, the estate belonged to such famous families as the Golitsyns and the Yusupovs. It is believed that Arkhangelskoye reached its architectural heyday when owned by the Golitsyns; this was when that the luxurious palace was built here by the French architect Chevalier de Gern in the style of mature classicism. Worldwide fame came to Arkhangelskoye in the times of the next owners, the Yusupovs, one of the richest families in Russia. They managed to create a manor complex of unprecedented beauty, which could compete with the best noble residences of St. Petersburg and its environs.

Most of the buildings in Arkhangelskoye have survived to this day. Today, the Arkhangelskoye Museum Estate, the former home of the Yusupovs, is a favorite free-time destination for Muscovites and one of the main sites in the tourist routes of Moscow Oblast.

Visitors to Arkhangelskoye can admire numerous buildings of the estate complex, visit museums and take a stroll through its vast territory, which is stylistically divided into three parks: English, French, and Italian.

The estate regularly serves as a venue for various cultural events, and a large number of tourists come here daily.

The Ministry of Culture of the Moscow Oblast Government /

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Address: Moscow Oblast, Krasnogorsk District, Arkhangelskoye village

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