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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic , CHerkekh

The 'Yakut Political Exile' Cherkyokh historical-memorial museum

Черкехский историко-мемориальный музей «Якутская политическая ссылка»
The museum was founded in 1977 and became branch in 1979. It is the first republic museum under the open sky. 3798 objects of fixed assets which are placed in 20 objects are stored and exhibited at the museum. The founder of the museum, the national writer of Yakutia, the honored worker of arts of RSFSR and YaASSR D. K. Sivtsev-Suorun Omollon have presented to the museum about 800 ethnographic objects, including a collection of the Yakut kumys ware. The hereditary smith I. N. Markov has transferred 217 hunting accessories and forge tools. The local historian E. D. Androsov has presented to the museum over 70 objects of ethnography. The enthusiast of museum business I. A. Uvarov has presented over 20 relics of the past, including a bell. Descendants of priests, sons of the first professional artist of Yakutia Ivan Vasilyevich Popov; the artist I. I. Popov and N. I. Popov have presented the rare books, documents connected with Christianization of Yakutia, the photo, pictorial works of the father. Fr om the granddaughter writer Korolenko V. G. personalized silver things of the famous grandfather and the book with his autograph have arrived. From relatives of political exiled V. M. Ionov, V. F. Troshchansky, N. A. Vitashevsky memorial objects, original documents have been transferred. The museum is presented as a uniform exposition complex wh ere yurtas in which V. G. Korolenko, E. K. Pekarsky, V. F. Troshchansky, V. M. Ionov, the revolutionary worker Pyotr Alekseev lived are postponed and added to the category of museum objects. The museum objects exhibited at these objects light life and activity of political exiled which have left a mark in the history not only Yakutia, but also all Russia.

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Phone number: 8(41152) 2-5514
Address: The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Tattinskiy district, Cherkyokh village, 1, Popova street

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