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Pskov Oblast , Mikhaylovskoe

The State museum-reserve of Alexander Pushkin «Mikhailovskoye»

The State museum-reserve of Alexander Pushkin «Mikhailovskoye» is one of the biggest literature museums in the world. It was founded in 1922 in remembrance of famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin’s (1799 — 1837) residence in Mikhailovskoye.

Today the State museum-reserve of Alexander Pushkin features several restored old Russian estates of the 18-19th centuries. Mikhailovskoye is the ancestral estate of the Pushkins while Trigorskoye and Petrovskoye are estates of the poet’s friends and relatives. By the eastern wall of Svyatogorsky monastery one can find the necropolis of the Hannibal-Pushkins family and Alexander Pushkin’s grave. Images of Russian countryside that revealed to Pushkin the wisdom and the beauty of the Russian language in songs, fairytales, and proverbs come alive at the «Pushkin’s Village» museum located in village Bugrovo. The Water Mill, folk art centre, and the museum post office function there.

Apart from the old estates the museum also features the ancient settlements of Savkino, Voronich, Vrev, and Velye.  

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Phone number: (81146) 2-2609; (81146) 2-2650; (81146) 2-1762
Address: Псковская область, Пушкиногорский район, сельцо Михайловское

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