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Ulyanovsk Oblast , Ulyanovsk

The V.I. Lenin Flat Museum

The museum opened in April 1970 in the house in the former Streletskaya St., where the Ulyanov family rented a flat in 1871-1875. This is where Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) spent his early childhood and where his younger brother Dmitry was born in 1874.

The museum's ground floor houses the documentary exposition dediated to the life of the Ulyanovs in Simbirsk, as well as the social and pedagogical work of Ilya Ulyanov, an inspector and later director of public schools of the Simbirsk province. The first floor preserves the household environment.

The flat includes four small rooms, a kitchen and hall. The preserved furniture, books and various items of the XIX century, including genuine items that belonged to the Ulyanovs, contrubute to the atmosphere of that time and allow to travel back in time, learn about the live of the late XIX century middle class and the childhood of Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet state.

The museum staff also organize thematic exhibitions of works by Ulyanovsk artists and photographers. There is also the library of Zhores Trofimov, the local history expert. Four times a year a local history discussion club called «The Origins of Simbirsk Mindset» holds meetings at the museum attended by local history experts, scientists and authors.

Since October 2006 the museum also includes Children Historical Center which provides classes for pupils of different age, arranges meetings with interesting people, organizes tours around the city and to other museums. The center also holds celebrations contests and exhibitions. To support the talented youth interested in literature, journalism, local history, composing and performing songs the literary society called «SimbirLit» was created in March 2008.

The literary society promotes literature and youth creativity.

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Phone number: (8422) 44-19-70
Address: Ульяновская обл., г. Ульяновск, пл. 100-летия со дня рождения В.И. Ленина, 1

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