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Smolensk Oblast , Gagarin

The Yuri Gagarin Landing Site Memorial Museum

Мемориальный музей Ю. А. Гагарина
Фотобанк Лори
Мемориальный музей Ю. А. Гагарина
Мемориальный музей Ю. А. Гагарина
Мемориальный музей Ю. А. Гагарина

The Yuri Gagarin  Landing Site Memorial Museum is one of the largest museums in the region. It opened its doors in 1948 as a regional museum.  In order to commemorate the world's first cosmonaut, in 1970 the museum was renamed the Yuri Gagarin Memorial Museum

The museum interlaces history and modernity, the arts, regional studies, and outer space in a natural manner. The theme of the first space launch is presented in several original exhibits: meetings with relatives of the first cosmonaut, introduction to the cuisine of the first astronaut, and the «Gagarin fishing trip» on the shores of the Yauza-Vazuz reservoir.

A center of folk arts and crafts operates in the museum. Among the tourist attractions must be noted the folklore festivities that take place on the banks of the Gzhat river in the summer and under the domes of the Annunciation Cathedral in winter. The 19th-century Cathedral, situated on the banks of the Gzhat river, houses the regional and the natural history museum, as well as an art gallery that contains an important collection of works by cosmist painters.

The Gagarin Art Gallery is a unique collection of works on the theme of space. The exhibition includes paintings of the cosmonaut-painter A. A. Leonov

Smolenskiy Terem Informational Center for Culture and Tourism of Smolensk /

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Phone number: (48135) 4-8837
Address: Smolenskaya oblast, Gagarin

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