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Ivanovo Oblast , Yurievets

Museum of Andrey Tarkovsky

Музей Андрея Тарковского
Музей Андрея Тарковского

The Museum of Andrey Tarkovsky was opened in Yuryevets on November 28, 1996. The museum building dates to the beginning of the 20th century. In Soviet times and up to the opening of the museum, the building was a communal residence for several families. In 1933, two rooms in the building were allocated to N.M. Petrov, the step-father of Tarkovsky's mother.

Andrey Tarkovsky was born on April 4, 1932, in the village of Zavrazhye in the Yurievsky district. In Yuryevets, the filmmaker's family lived out the period of evacuation (1941-1943) at Tarkovsky's grandmother's home.

The museum re-exposition was carried out by 2007 on the Tarkovsky's 75th birthday. There are two architectural compositions in the museum yard: a well (symbolizing the sacral relation in the movies of the filmmaker) and a wall of a devastated church (symbolizing the presence of churches in the movies of Tarkovsky). The museum's exhibits are spread through four halls: The Artist's World, Family History, Communal Flat: 1941-1943, Communal Kitchen, and Annushka's Corner.

The Artist's World shows the works of the great filmmaker and reflects eight movies, including the short graduate work The Ring and Violin created in 1961.

In 1973 Andrei Tarkovsky came to Yuryevets to select some filming locations for the movie The Mirror. However, having not seen the city of his childhood, he resolved to shoot the movie near Moscow.

The Andrei Tarkovsky International Zerkalo Film Festival has been held every year since 2007 in Yuryevets.

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Address: 8, Tarkovskogo street, Yuryevets, Ivanovo oblast

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