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Ivanovo Oblast , Кинешма

Family Museum of Felt Boots in Kineshma

Семейный музей валенок в Кинешме
Музей "Кинешемский валенок"

There is a felt boot museum in Myshkin and even in Moscow. But in neither of them you can see the process of making felt boots. In Kineshma, the felt boot industry is still going strong: the wool felting machines of our grandfathers are still preserved, as is the breed of Romanovsky sheep whose wool is considered to be the best for felt boots. How could a museum dedicated to felt boots be anywhere except here?

It all began about ten years ago, when the Sokolova sisters refused to go to school wearing simple gray felt boots and began to embroider the footwear made by their father. They got so engrossed that soon there was not enough space for the decorated felt boots in one room. It was the beginning of a family museum — at first it was located in small premises and later the exposition moved to the central part of Kineshma.

Currently there are over 300 exhibits at the museum: not only felt boots for men, women, children, and souvenir felt boots, but also wool felting tools and machines. The better part of the exposition is occupied by intricately decorated, souvenir, laced, and even over-the-knee felt boots. There is also a huge felt boot at the museum. It is 205 centimeters high and 110 centimeters long in the sole. It took 11 kilograms of sheep wool to make the boot.  The efforts were not in vain — the felt boot is listed in the Russian Book of Records.

At the museum, you can get advice directly from the Sokolov sisters on how to correctly select felt books to protect your feet in frosty weather.

@Alexandra Nikolaeva

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Phone number: +7 (915) 819-23-21, +7 (920) 356-52-97
Address: 6, Frunze street, Kineshma, Ivanovo oblast

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