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The Republic of Bashkortostan

Mount Iremel

Mount Iremel is the second highest mountain of the Southern Urals, at 1,582 m high. In fact, the mountain is a ridge with two peaks: One of them is called the Greater Iremel, which is higher than 1,500 m; the second, the Lesser Iremel, is slightly below this level.

When traveling to Iremel, tourists get to observe the diversity of natural areas — from the tundra and alpine meadows to dark forests. It is quite easy to climb this mountain: there are hiking trails and specially developed routes. No special training is required, just endurance. That said, they say the weather is quite unpredictable on Iremel.

One of the interpretations of the name of this mountain states that «Iremel» i Bashkir means «giving power». The Bashkir people believe that the mountain is sacred. Esoterics claim that there is an open, powerful energy channel on the mountain, which makes a person stronger.

The Iremel Natural Park was established in 2010. It includes not only the mountain but also the surrounding area — almost 50,000 hectares. Three control and information points operate to supervise access to the park — Tyulyuk in Chelyabinsk Oblast, Nikolayevka in the Beloretskiy District, and Novokhusainovo in the Uchalinskiy District. All visitors of the park must register at one of them.

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