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The Republic of Khakassia , Moskovskoe

Great Salbyk

Great Salbyk kurgan is the burial place for the powerful leader of the nomadic tribes and sacred, architectural and astronomic heritage. Hundreds of people took part in building the barrow . They built the mound of earth 25-30 meters high which was surrounded by the stone fence size of 70x70 meters. Giant slabs of the Devonian sandstone about 30 tons weight used for the barrow’s fence were taken from the quarry located 18 km from the barrow on the Khysyl Khaya mount (The Red rock) or from the quarry located 70 km on the Yenisei river bank.

Originally the barrow was a building for one person — old man — warrior with the crushed bones at the age of 70 years. Elder could not only be the leader of the tribe but also a powerful shaman, who had an absolute power over the lieges, their life and death. The remains of this honorable person were mummified.

Later through the dromos (a tunnel which tend to the burial chamber) six people who were confidants, relatives and slaves who attended master to the other side were buried with the old man. It’s known for certain that two of them were siblings. In dromos archeologists found two skeletons of guards. One man had a bronze knife.

In the most important barrow’s places four ritual sacrifices were found: three adults including one captive and one child. Probably one victim was buried alive.

Great Salbyk kurgan was robbed in ancient times. During the ‘official’ digs archaeologists found pieces of the big clay vessel used for the grain storage, two bronze knifes and round quern stone for the hand mill, the most ancient mill in Siberia now.

Undoubtedly Salbyk kurgan is the grave of person who was the most powerful in this area 25 centuries ago. Back-breaking labour of thousands people was aspired to the one aim — to make an unprecedented tomb and thereby erecting lasting monument to the greatest leader of this century.

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