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Murmansk Oblast , Murmansk

Lenin Nuclear Icebreaker Arctic Exhibition Center

Арктический выставочный центр «Атомный ледокол «Ленин»
Арктический выставочный центр «Атомный ледокол «Ленин»

The Lenin nuclear icebreaker is the world's first vessel with nuclear propulsion machinery, a unique piece of engineering and technology, and a symbol of the Russian presence in the Arctic. This is the only federal cultural heritage site in the city of Murmansk. The ship was built on the Leningrad Admiralty Shipyards in 1956-1959, with more than 500 enterprises and organizations fr om all over the USSR taking part in her conception. In its 30 years of service the icebreaker has travelled through the Arctic ice a distance that exceeds the distance ofround-trip travel between the earth and moon.

The nuclear icebreaker was decommissioned in 1989. On the May 5, 2009, she was towed to the center of the port city of Murmansk, to a location near the ship terminal, and converted into a modern exhibition and museum center that has quickly become one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Kola North.

The sightseeing tour includes the visit to the main cabin with its music and smoking rooms; the crew dining cabin; the turbine dynamo compartment; the nuclear propulsion plant control center; the medical unit with a tour of the operating room, the lab, X-ray and dentist rooms; the control and repairs station that offers a view of the upper parts of the nuclear reactors through its sighting ports; a typical officer's cabin on the boat deck; the Captain's wardroom; and the navigation bridge, wh ere the guests are welcome to examine the pilot room as well as the radio and the navigation rooms.  The facilities of the Communist Party Committee, the pantry, and a standard seaman's double cabin on the berth deck are being prepared for exhibition.

The duration of the sightseeing tour is 55 minutes, and visitors must be accompanied by a tour guide. Amateur photography and video recording are permitted without any extra fees. The arctic exhibition center is always open on public holidays.

The «Lenin» nuclear icebreaker is the home of the Nuclear Energy Information Center as well as the multimedia exhibition «Atom and the Arctic», which tells the story of the nuclear icebreaker fleet, the development of the northern sea route, the climate, ecology, and biological diversity of the Arctic region, as well as the scientific and technological progress made in ice navigation and nuclear marine propulsion.

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Phone number: 8 911 345 6777 (запись на экскурсии)
Address: Murmanskaya oblast, Murmansk, Portovyi proyezd, 25

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