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The Republic of Khakassia , Kazanovka

Iney tas rock

Каменная старуха Иней-тас

Iney tas rock, what means «the stone grandmother», is the cult place for local people.  Place at the bottom of Iney tas was cleaned and strewed by river sand. About 14 sculptures of domestic animals —  bulls, horses and sheep made from river gravel and red sandstone — were placed there. Only three figures had been preserved.

People believed that Iney tas is cattle’s patron. In that place people made “tag taig” — ceremony of offering sacrifices to mountain spirit.

Unfortunately rock Iney tas was blow up in the early 1960 s. Nevertheless, even after the “death” Iney tas is highly esteemed among local people. Passing by this place people practice rite “sek-sek”. It is the main road rite of “spirit’s feeding”. On the sacred birches near the place, where the “Stone grandmother” stood, people bind chalama (ribbons).

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Address: Республика Хакасия, Аскизский район, с. Казановка

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