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Perm Krai

Usvinskie stolby

Usvinskie stolby  is a unique mountain range towering above the right bank of the river Usva. Towering cliffs of limestone up to 120 meters over a few kilometers stretch along the bends of the river and attracts tourists fr om all over the Perm region.

At the base of the Usvinskie stolby you can find caves and grottoes, wh ere traces of life of ancient people. A more attentive travelers will find prints of ancient coral fossils resembling that millions of years ago there were reigned maritime element.

The most popular among tourists is the Stolbovoy  Grotto. It was there in 1965, curious friends found signs of people parking Paleolithic times. Animal bones, stone tools and weapons, the remains, indicating fueling signal light — all this attracted research scientists who have come to the conclusion that the grotto at one time served as a workshop for the manufacture of tools.

By the way, in the same Usvinskie stolby acquire the status of natural monument of the regional landscape values.

What is the more curious in Usvinskie stolby? Besides wishing to explore the caves and caverns of the mountain massif, rocks attract lovers of climbing and mountaineering.

The famous Devil's finger is freestanding cliff overlooking an array of up to 70 meters — the goal is not for simpletons. To get to it requires special training. Rock, like a giant finger, standing on a thin «stem» beckons explorers peaks. To set up on the top of the Devil's finger flag as a symbol of conquest, you need a strong character, special equipment and excellent climbing skills.

Apart from Devil's finger tourists will be interesting to look at large stone timber, rock Panoramic, stone Omutnaya and others. All of them are natural monuments.

In addition, it is interesting to get to the Pervomayskaya cave on the right bank of the Usva. From the river it is not seen. The cave itself is 160 meters in length, consisting of several caves, with walls covered with beautiful calcite nodules and streaks to add vivid impressions left by these amazing place.

And of course, the indescribable delight of tourists is the beauty and attractiveness of landscapes, from the height of the cliffs. The gentle curves of the river, the richness and flavor of the Ural forest, a variety of colors of nature — all this inspires and calms in any season.

To get to Usvinskie stolby, you should get to the village Usva and then go about 5 kilometers downstream. But more often this rocky massif is visited during the rafting on the river Usva.

Usually travel to Usvinskie stolby  is combined with a tour of Stone Town and or climbing a Shumikhinskiye rocks.

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