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Perm Krai , The Usva

The Stone Town

The Stone Town is one of the main natural attractions of Perm Krai. Another name for these cliffs is the Devil's Town, and local people call the stones the Turtles.

This natural monument is located on one of the peaks of the Rudyansky Spoy ridge, at an altitude of 526 meters above sea level. The place has become popular with visitors relatively recently, less than two decades ago. Since then, the number of tourists has been increasing, and travel agencies organize weekend tours to the Stone Town.

The exotic island mountains which make up the Stone Town consist of fine-grained quartz sandstone. The rock is cut through with numerous deep cracks, up to 8-12 meters long. The cracks range fr om 1 to 8 meters wide. The outlines of the rocks look just like houses of an abandoned town, and the cracks in the mountains are reminiscent of streets.

The island mountains have names: the Turtle, the Feathered Guard, and others. The cracks, which are the «streets» in the «town», were also given names: the largest of them is called «the Avenue», and there also a square in this town. In fact, the Stone Town is divided into two «towns»: the Big Town and the Small Town. The latter lies at some distance from the Big Town, and it is more difficult to find; there are only four island mountains there.

The legend on the emergence of the Stone Town tells that long ago this place was a gorgeous town with kind and beautiful people. It would be still there but for the king's daughter, who was blind and could never appreciate the beauty of the town wh ere she lived. An evil sorcerer offered to cure the king's daughter so that she could see. The moment the princess saw the beauty of this place, all the streets and inhabitants of the town turned to stone.

The scientific explanation of the origin of the place is equally impressive: according to scholars, the streets of the Stone Town were formed millions of years ago due to the river which flowed here. The powerful current washed through the rocks, creating streets and arches. After this, the wind, the elements, glaciers, and seismic processes finalized the appearance of the Ural Mountains in this place, turning them into the Stone Town.

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Address: Usva Settlement, Gubakhinsky District, Perm Krai

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