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Perm Krai , Khokhlovka

Khokhlovka Architectural and Ethnographic Museum

Архитектурно-этнографический музей «Хохловка»
Туристский информационный центр Пермского края
Архитектурно-этнографический музей «Хохловка»
Туристский информационный центр Пермского края
Архитектурно-этнографический музей «Хохловка»
Туристский информационный центр Пермского края

The Khokhlovka Architectural and Ethnographic Museum is the first open-air architectural and ethnographic museum of wooden architecture to be established in the Urals.  Its creation dates to 1969, and in 1980, the museum was opened to the public. 

The 43 hectares of the museum contain the most interesting wooden buildings fr om all over the Krai. For example, the unique architectural complex of the Ust-Borovsky salt-making plant was brought to Khokhlovka from Solikamsk in order to illustrate the entire technological process of salt production, from pumping brine out of the salt pit to shipping. A ten-meter-tall brine lifting tower, a salt chest, salt oven, and salt storehouse were installed on the shores of the Kama river. For more than five centuries, salt extraction was one of the most important businesses of the region. For this reason, the residents of Perm used to be called «salty ears». 

The museum area is divided into several sectors: the Komi-Permyak sector contains five-six country estates typical for the Kama area — here you can find well-to-do peasant farms, as well as poor Komi-Permian log huts (izba), and hunters» winter huts. A bit further, there is the North Kama sector, wh ere you can see examples of wooden-home architecture collected from around the area. The housing system of Yanidor village (the Cherdynskiy region) was typical for northern territories of Perm Krai and was taken as a model during the development of the sector. Along with the dwellings, here you can also find transportation means once used by northern peoples — boats, barges, telegas, sleighs, and sleds. 

In the South Kama sector, a special installation was made for a bell tower brought from Syr village. The peaked hipped roof of the bell tower can be seen from afar. Together with Bogoroditskaya Church, dated from 1694 and brought from Tokhtarevo village, the bell tower is installed at the highest point of the museum's territory. 

Every year, the Khokhlovka museum holds traditional public events and folk festivals: Maslenitsa (Pancake Week), Trinity celebrations, the Savior of the Apple Feast, folk music concerts, military history events, and art festivals.

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Phone number: + 7 (342) 299-71-82
Address: Perm Krai, Perm region, Khokhlovka village
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