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Perm Krai , The Krasnovishersk

The Vetlan Stone

The Vetlan Stone is located on the Vishera river, 8 km upstream of Krasnovishersk. Vetlan is an almost sheer cliffs system beginning at the height of 50-70 m above the water's edge and extends for 1750 meters. The steep slope below rocky exposures is covered with the mixed forest.

The Vetlan Stone is a tourism object. This is one of the few natural tourist attractions in the Perm region, which is equipped for visits. The wooden steps lead to the top of the stone. At the top there is an observation deck with panoramic views of the endless landscapes. The wave of the Polyudov Stone rises in front; the Vishera river smoothly bears its waters below. Visiting the Vetlan can be like rafting on the Vishera itself. From the city to the stone there is a dirt road.

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Address: Perm region, Krasnovishersk, Vishera

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