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The Republic of Tatarstan , Kazan

Bauman pedestrian street

«Four Centuries Long Street» — this is how Bauman street is called, one of the most beautiful and crowded streets of Kazan. It begins from the Kazan Kremlin and ends at Tukai Square. The 1920 meter long Bauman street is known from the 16th Century. Before the capture of Kazan by the troops of Ivan the Terrible, it was called the Nogai road. The military actions changed its name to Bolshaya Prolomnaya (Great Breakthrough). In 1930, Bauman street received its current name in memory of a famous revolutionary born in Kazan, and it became the pedestrian zone in 1986.

Today Bauman street is a business center of Kazan, which preserved the appearance of a pre-revolutionary merchant center with architectural monuments of the 17-20th Centuries. The brightest tourist attractions of the street are Epiphany Cathedral, Nikolsky Cathedral and the John the Baptist Monastery. Unique monuments are located there: The carriage of the Queen Catherine II, fountains with pigeons and frogs, Arabic street clock, Zero meridian of Kazan, showing the distance to different geographical points of the world, a monument to Fedor Shalyapin, a statue of the Cat of Kazan and others.

An important part of the pedestrian route of Kazan are its hotels, souvenir shops, boutiques, coffee houses and restaurants, bars and nightclubs. On holidays the street becomes the center of mass celebrations with theatrical performances, musical and dance performances, where local artists draw casual passers-by.

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