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The Republic of Tatarstan , Kazan

Rivers of Tatarstan

The Volga is the largest river in Europe and one best known landmarks of Tatarstan. First, it crosses the republic from west to east, and near Kazan it changes the set of current southwards. Within the republic, the river carries its waters for 177 kilometers. Near ​​Kazan, its width is about one kilometer, and at the mouth of the Kama, in the Kuibyshev reservoir, it reaches 35 kilometers.

There are other large rivers in Tatarstan, and most of them are tributaries of the Volga. For example, the Kama flows in the republic for almost 380 km, the Belaya river — about 60, and the Vyatka — about 50 kilometers.

For many tourists travelling along the Volga on a cruise ship is the best holiday. You can admire transcendent beauty of the coasts, visit interesting cities, historical and cultural centers and natural attractions. Travelling down the Volga, one can get to the fairy-tale island-town of Sviyazhsk, to the capital of the republic — Kazan, the ancient town of Tetyushi and the ancient town of the Great Bolgar.

On the banks of the Kama there are small towns with great history: Chistopol and Elabuga, modern industrial centers: Naberezhnye Chelny and Nizhnekamsk

Natural resources of Tatarstan rivers make them the favourite place for fishermen. Local rivers teem with various types of fish: pike, perch, ide, bream, roach, burbot, scum, redeye and pike-perch. Fans of fishing, people wishing to improve their health or just have active vacation near the water — everyone will find what he wants basing on his/her own preferences on Volga and Kama shores.

There are plenty historical, cultural and natural sights on the Volga. These are Romanovsky railway bridge, built in the beginning of the last century; the loved by scientists from all over the world Pechishinsky geological section, each layer of which corresponds to sediments of different epochs; the unique Volzhsky (Syukeyevsky) karst caves in the Kamskoye Ustye area, ancient coastal temples with their amazing stories and much more.

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