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Tver Oblast , Torzhok

Novotorzhsk Borisoglebsk Monastery

Борисоглебский Новоторжский мужской монастырь
В. Грибков-Майский
Борисоглебский Новоторжский мужской монастырь
Алексей Обухов
Борисоглебский Новоторжский мужской монастырь
Борисоглебский Новоторжский мужской монастырь
Борисоглебский Новоторжский мужской монастырь
Борисоглебский Новоторжский мужской монастырь
Борисоглебский Новоторжский мужской монастырь

Novotorzhsk Borisoglebsk Monastery is located in the center of Torzhok. On the right bank of the Tvertsa river stand the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Savior and the Cathedral of the Entry into Jerusalem, and next to the monastery stands the Upper Fortress of Torzhok, built in 11th-15th centuries. The Fortress has been turned into a museum.

According to legend, the monastery is currently the most ancient in Russia.

In the 1990s and 2000s, archaeological excavations were carried out in the monastery. Ceramics dating back to the 11th-13th centuries were found in the occupation layer, along with the ruins of the white-stone Boris and Gleb Cathedral of the late 12th century, its building fragments, and wall paintings. The cathedral seems to have been built by Smolensk masters during the reign of David Rostislavovich.

According to the hagiography of the 17th century, the monastery was founded in 1038 by the boyar Efrem, former equerry of Vladimir I Svyatoslavovich, the Prince of Kiev, and, afterwards, of his son Prince Boris. Upon the murder of princes and brothers Boris and Gleb by their brother Svyatopolk, Efrem decided to leave social life and build a monastery on the bank of the Tvertsa river. As legend has it, first of all Efrem founded an abode on a hill near the river, and in 1038, he built a cathedral consecrated in the name of princes Boris and Gleb, after whom the whole monastery was later named.

The most ancient of the preserved monastery buildings is the church of the Entry of the Most Holy Virgin into the Temple, erected in the 17th century in place of a wooden church burned down by the Poles.

In 1925, the monastery was destroyed, and a maximum-security prison was built on the land and remained there for 50 years. After that, the monastery was turned into an occupational therapy rehabilitation center for alcoholics.

In 1988, the monastery hosted the All-Russian History and Ethnographic Museum. The museum management put a great deal of effort into the restoration of the monastery architectural ensemble, which had been disfigured by the prison.

In 1993, parishioners returned to the monastery and divided its rooms with the museum. Active restoration works are currently in progress at the monastery.

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