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Tver Oblast , Vyshniy Volochek

Kazan Monastery in Vyshny Volochyok

Казанский монастырь в Вышнем Волочке
Наталия Зиганшина
Казанский монастырь в Вышнем Волочке
Наталия Зиганшина
Казанский монастырь в Вышнем Волочке
Наталия Зиганшина

Kazan Monastery had a Greek icon, which was a chest picture of the Mother of God without the Christ Child. Emperor Andronicus III Palaeologus first kept this holy icon at home and then donated it to the Monemvasia abode in Morea (Greece). When the Turks attacked the monastery during the Turkish invasion of Greece in 1821, Agapius, the superior, took the holy icon to the town of Patras; after the death of Agapius, according to his will, the icon was inherited by the Russian Consul General Vlasopulo, whose son donated it to Emperor Nicholas I. In St. Petersburg, the holy icon was kept in the Winter Palace until 1868 and, until 1877, it was held at the Trinity Cathedral on the Petersburg side, from where it was brought to Kazan Monastery in Vyshny Volochyok on May 1, 1877. In 1984 it was stolen from the temple.

The monastery complex includes the following buildings: the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan (a cold building constructed in 1877-1882 to the design of Moscow architect Kaminski); the Church of Andronikov Icon of Our Lady (warm, 1897-1901); the Church of Syrin and Neonila (under the bell tower, house church, 1880s); Chapel of Faith, Hope and Charity and their mother Sophia over the grave of the blessed Staritsa Lubushka Susaninskaya (consecrated in 1999); the Chapel-over-the-Well (1889); Church of the Bogoliubsk Icon of the Mother of God (1873); outbuildings, cells, and the monastery canteen.

Art historians believe the Kazan Monastery to be one of the most interesting of all the Russian monastic ensembles of the second half of the 19th century due to the high artistic merits of the buildings and the preservation of the layout of most of them. Its main buildings are designed in the Russian-Byzantine style.

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