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Tver Oblast , Volgoverkhove

The Source of the Volga

The source of the Volga, the largest river in Europe, is located on the Valdai Ridge of the Valdai Hills, in the watershed between the Caspian and the Baltic seas. It is located in Ostashkovsky District of Tver Oblast, on the outskirts of Volgoverkhovie village, at an altitude of 228 meters above the level of the Baltic Sea. Several springs on the edge of a nameless swamp produce a small basin which is recognized as the source of the Volga.

A chapel was built over the spring in ancient times, and it is now being renovated. There is a wooden bridge, several dozens of meters long, over the swampy land, leading to the building; the bridge is maintained in a good condition. In the center of the chapel there is a round opening with a protective enclosure, directly over the spring. The house is surrounded by a platform with steps leading down to the water.

The Volga flows out from the little swamp as a brook, about 1 meter wide and no more than 30 centimeters deep. It is even narrower during the dry season, and sometimes the first few dozen meters from the source dry up. The water, which is potable, is of a reddish-brown color. The first bridge across the Volga in this place is only 3 meters long.

The source of the Volga is protected as a natural monument, and the eponymous nature reserve was established, which includes a forest with a total area of 4,100 hectares.

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