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Amur Oblast , Arkhara

Khingan Nature Reserve

Хинганский заповедник
Хинганский заповедник
Хинганский заповедник

Khingan Nature Reserve is located in the southeastern outskirts of Amur oblast within the Arkharinskaya lowland and the Maly Khingan range spurs.  The main territory is between the Uril and Mutnaya rivers, fr om the Amur river floodplain to the railroad.  The reserve is located 37 kilometers from Arkhara village.

The reserve was established in 1963 in one day with another three reserves in Amur: Bolshekhekhtsirsky, Komsomolsky, and Zeya. The main goal was to preserve the steppe and forest-steppe landscapes of the Southern Amur area, as well as the breeding grounds of the Ussuri and white-naped cranes. The reserve territory is classified as wetlands of international significance.

Black and Japanese cranes (listed in Red Book of the Russian Federation) live in the reserve. Khingan Nature Reserve is the only place in the Russian Far East wh ere the raccoon dog can be found. The Komarov Lotus Natural Monumnet is located within the reserve. This beautiful flower blooms from mid-July to mid-August.

The reserve can provide a basecamp on the shore of Dolgoe lake in a preserved area in the Khingan Nature Reserve, 40 kilometers from Arkhara village in the direction of Innokentievka village.  In Dolgoe camp there is a kitchen with everything needed for cooking.  Tourists cook food themselves. In the warm period the base is used to capacity and can accommodate up to 40 people. The period of accommodation for tourist groups in the base varies from several days to several weeks.

Employees of the Khingan Nature Reserve offer guided tours when lotus flowers are in bloom on Dolgoe lake.  In the last ten days of July, the Komarov lotus begins flowering. Excursions with rides to Dolgoe Lake are followed with a lecture.  A large number of tourists are attracted by the sacred flower, which has existed for over a hundred million years. Mass lotus flowering ends by mid-August.

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