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Tomsk Oblast

Lampsakov Siberian Manor

The Lampsakov Siberian Manor is a cultural and tourism complex established in 2008. Formerly the Asinovskaya district hospital was located here. The manor is named in honor of Nikolai Lampsakov, a doctor and graduate of the Medical Faculty of the Tomsk Imperial University, who in 1903 established and directed the local hospital. Originally he planned to build a house but then decided to open an in-patient hospital were he received patients free of charge and practiced as a therapist, a obstetrician, and a surgeon.

During the Civil War, he found himself in the very center of the bloodshed. Although he sympathized with the Whites,  Lampsakov did not break the Hippocratic oath and at first hid wounded Red soldiers being pursued by Kolchak's troops in the hospital. Later he helped White Guardsmen who had been crippled in battles with Red Army forces. To this day, there is a crawl space and an underground passage through which fighting men quietly slid out of the hospital to hide in the woods. The crawl space and underground gallery became exhibits of the new Civil War Museum established in 2013.

In addition, the manor includes six houses for tourists, and an exposition describing the work and life of a zemsky doctor in the early 20th century. The manor complex also includes the Museum of Birch Bark, a folk art specialty in Tomsk Oblast. Master classes in decorative and applied arts are held in the manor. The manor celebrates all major holidays, and excursions and horseback rides in the forest can be arragned.

The appearance of the manor remains virtually unchanged. The same architectural design is applied to all buildings of the complex: one-story wooden log construction.  Building entryways are made in the style of wood modern, popular in Siberian towns in the early 20th century.

Overnight accommodation can be arranged in comfortable fully-equipped guest rooms in the former district hospital buildings.

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Address: Tomsk Oblast, Novo-Kuskovo village, Bolnichnaya Street, building 2/3

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