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Kaluga Oblast

Vorobi (Sparrow) Bird-Park

The bird park began with a collection of parrots gathered by the engineer Alexander Belyavskiy and his wife Tatiana in Moscow. At the beginning of the 2000s, the collectors bought a lot of land at the former Pobeda collective farm and started to build the first bird park in Russia.

When the park opened, the collection included not just exotic but also national species of birds, including birds of prey, forest birds, domesticated birds, and water fowl. There are more than 200 bird species in the park.

Other animals live together with the birds. Visitors to the park will meet a donkey, a calf, and several goats and lambs. The park also includes: the Exotarium pavilion (fish, amphibians, reptiles), the Tropical World pavilion, the Night Zoo pavilion, an ostrich farm, and collections of minerals and butterflies. There is a rock garden as well.

The infrastructure of the park is constantly being updated. The landscape garden is growing, and a barbecue restaurant, cafeteria, souvenir shop and hotel await new visitors. The choice of entertainment is growing.

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Address: -the Kaluga region, Zukovsky District, Sovkhoz Pobeda village Phones: (48439) 9-34-26, 9-34-29

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