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The Republic of Dagestan

Akhtynskaya Fortress

Under the sunny skies of Dagestan soars Akhtynskaya Fortress, a silent witness to historic deeds, victories, and defeats. Its walls, erected by General Golovin in 1839, remember many sad and happy moments. The historical and architectural importance of this building is unquestioned, and the fortress is a protected federal monument.At one time, Akhtynskaya fortress was the most southerly  military outpost in the Russian Empire. Breathtaking and mind-boggling scenery opens up before the eyes of everyone who reaches this deserted place. The rock-solid stone walls seem to be timeless, reminding us of everything that has happened here. If these stones could speak, they would tell a lot.After the Russian Revolution, the fortress served as a prison, but later on, its purpose drastically changed.  It seems incredible, but the fortress heard the rustling of school exercise books and the ringing laughter of children, when a school was opened here after the war. These severe walls have seen so much in their lifetime.Architecturally, the fortress is a complex that includes a gunpowder warehouse, an Orthodox church, soldiers barracks, and the very fortress walls that at one time used to protect the administration of Samurskaya Valley from enemy attacks. It was built in the shape of a pentagon. The arsenal included 11 threatening cannons and 6 mortars. The position of its infantry made it possible to fire on approaching roads.It is astonishing, but the construction of the fortress, which is now almost 200 years old, required only forty days. Tourism Committee of the Republic of Dagestan

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Address: Республика Дагестан, Ахтынский район

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