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The Republic of Dagestan

Khuchninsky Waterfall

The nature of Dagestan is rich and diverse. Thanks to the mountainous terrain, it has a diversity of waterfalls.

One of the most magnificent creations of nature,  Khuchninsky (Khanagsky) waterfall is not far from the administrative center of Tabasaran district, Khuchny village. It is situated on the river Khanag, not far from the road connecting two villages of Khunchi and Khanag. It is а two-level waterfall (the first level is three meters tall, and the second is 15 meters).  The falling water forms a small lake.

An extraordinary beautiful picturesque valley lies around this well-known corner of nature in Dagestan. The ruins of an old tower enhance the impression from the waterfall and make the mountain top more picturesque. The stone bridge over the river gives a perfect view of the general panorama of this unique natural place. First-time visitors find it hard to believe this splendor is a natural creation.

Many tourists not only from all-over Dagestan, but also from different regions of Russia come to the waterfall each year in summer to relax and bathe under the bubbling splashes of the mountain river. The swimming season here lasts from May till October. A small modern hotel with cozy double-rooms and excellent local cuisine is located near the waterfall.  

Tourism Committee of the Republic of Dagestan

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Address: The Republic of Dagestan, Tabasaran region, village Khuchni

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