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Vladimir Oblast , Vladimir

House of Stoletov

It’s a wooden one-stroeyed house on a stone mezzanine of 1845-1869. A typical sample of urban humdrum building of the 2nd half of the XIX century. The decoration of the facade was concise and went to the «classical» style: developed ledge, shovels, simple frames; veranda overlooking the courtyard. The house also had a garden of fruit trees.

The house is a two-stroeyed wing of a vast stone building, which executed a turn from the great street for the Christmas shaft (today, the Stoletov street). The building was built one of the first on the regular city plan in 1781 by the merchant D.A. Stoletov (the great-grandfather of Nicholas and Alexander).

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Phone number: 32-31-26
Address: Vladimir, St. Stoletovs, 3

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