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The Komi Republic

Mount Manaraga

Гора Манарага
Тимур Кузяев
Гора Манарага
Фотобанк Лори

You will not confuse the peak of Manaraga, located in the Yugyd-Va National Park, with any other mountain. Its crown is reminiscent of a strongly dissected comb — rocky teeth look like a medieval fortress or a paw with claws. Incidentally, the name of the mountain is translated as the «bear's paw». The mountain is 1,662 meters high.

Experienced climbers say that Manaraga is a mystical place. On the one hand, it is not too difficult to climb; even relative novices feel they can conquer it. But in reality, not even every professional manages to reach the summit; they say that the mountain «does not permit them».

The indigenous peoples — Zyrians and Mansi — considered Manaraga a living being and treated it as a holy place. Only shamans and keepers had access to the mountain. In the 11th century, people staged special ritual games to find a common language with Manaraga; this is evidenced by archeological finds — sanctuaries with sacrificial stones.

These gorgeous, though gloomy, places appear mysterious — harsh outlines of mountain ranges among virgin forests. To get at least to the foothills of Manaraga, one has to get a permit to visit the park.

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