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The Komi Republic

Yugyd Va National Park

Национальный парк «Югыд ва»
Тимур Кузяев
Национальный парк «Югыд ва»
Национальный парк «Югыд ва»
Национальный парк «Югыд ва»
Национальный парк «Югыд ва»
Национальный парк «Югыд ва»

Yugyd Va National Park was established on April 23, 1994. This is the largest national park in Russia and the most extensive mass of primary boreal forest in Europe, preserving the ecosystems of the taiga, tundra and forest-tundra of the Ural mountains. The park is almost 2 million hectares of various mountain, plain, and tundra landscapes. These include meadows, mountains, riverside cliffs, canyons, caves, waterfalls, rock outcrops and pillars created by erosion, as well as ruins.

The highest part of the Ural Mountains is situated in the park. It also includes 821 lakes and about 50 glaciers, including the largest Goffman glacier on the Sablya (Sword) Mountain Ridge. The longest and widest rivers in the preserve are Kozhim, Kosyu, and Shchugor, which all flow into the Pechora river.

The modern territory of the park has been cultivated by humans since Paleolithic times. It has served as habitat and hunting grounds for Mansi, Vogul, Nenets, Komi-Zyrian, and Russians. Among the historical and cultural monuments in Yugyd Va are ancient encampments, cult places, and sacred places related to beliefs of the Mansi and Komi peoples, and the remains of Old Believer settlements.

The National Park organizes expeditions, international workshops and conferences, as well as children's ecological camps and field schools. Throughout the park, hiking and water trails have been laid out, as well as tourist campgrounds.

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Phone number: +7 (8214) 62-47-63
Address: Республика Коми

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