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Pskov Oblast , Pskov

Church of St. Nicholas on Usokha

It’s one of the outstanding monuments of the Pskov architectural school of the 16th century. The place, where the church stands today used to be called “usokha”, that means a “drained place”.

The first stone church was built here in 1371. After a fire it was rebuilt in 1535. In 1946-1974 the church was restored. After the Trinity Cathedral it was the second biggest church in Pskov.

Nowadays its original 16th century foundation lies two metres beneath the ground level.

It’s a powerful one–dome three-apse stone church with a northern side-altar dedicated to the Presentation of Our Lord to the Temple, a two-spanned belfry on northern wall, a narthex and a porch on the eastern side, a sepulture chapel at the south-eastern corner. Over the main church and the northern side-altar there are domes, decorated with a typical for Pskov ornament. It is a church with four pillars and elevated corbelled (strengthened) arches. There are no pillars supporting the roof in the side-alter. Recently frescoes became visible in the cupola drum in the church.

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Address: 19 Sovetskaya str., Pskov

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