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Sverdlovsk Oblast , Talitsa

National Park

Национальный парк «Припышминские боры»
Национальный парк «Припышминские боры»
Национальный парк «Припышминские боры»
Национальный парк «Припышминские боры»
Национальный парк «Припышминские боры»
The Park was founded on 20 June 1993. «Bori» means «pine forests». The Park is located in the south-east of Sverdlovsk region and is part of a huge and, at the same time, quite compact massif of steppe pine forests. The Park area square is 48 730 hectares. On the territory of the park there is an extensive network of nature monuments, historical, cultural, ethnographic landmarks.

Since 1995 in the National Park «Pripishminskiye bori» has been keeping the chronicle of nature, the topic of which is learning of the natural course of the processes occurring in the nature and identifying the relationship between individual parts of the natural complex.  .

Talitsky dacha is the main and the most compact massif of Pripishminskiye pine forests, it is situated on the right bank of the river Pyshma. The total area of the Talitskaya dacha is 26289 hectares and is divided into three precinct forestry: Talitskoye, Urginskoye, Mohilevskoye. The territory is divided due to the regime of use and protection on three functional zones: a strictly protected, touristic and recreation zone. 

Tugulymskaya dacha is presented by Bahmetskiy forest. Considerable area is occupied Bahmutskoye swamp, and on the rest of the territory pine forests of lichen grow on sandy places. The total area of Tugulymskaya dacha is 22 441 hectares including Troshkovskoye forestry. The territory is divided by the regime of use and protection into three functional zones: a specially protected, recreation and tourism.  

The state reserve «Tyumenskiy» is located in the southwestern part of the West Siberian lowland in the system of Tamanskiy lake-mire massif, between the rivers Tavda and Tura. The total area is 53 585 hectares, among them 30000 hectares is forest and 18 hectares is water fund. The relief of the state reserve is a sloping plain with heights from 60 to 100 metres, gradually descending to the South. In the Eastern part of the reserve, the surface of the lake-mire plain occupied by large lake basins, the most significant of which is the system Tamanskiye lakes (2640 ha), and the lakes: Shaitanskye (450 ha), Ignatovo (80 ha), Voronchino (44 ha), Anoshino (68 ha), Ishimbayeskoye (22 ha), Kolanets (480 ha) that is 7% of the total area of the state reserve. River part is represented by river Ahmanka, a tributary of the river Tura. The length within the reserve is 40 km.

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Address: Russia, Sverdlovsk region, Talitsky area, Talitsa

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