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Sverdlovsk Oblast , The Kachkanar

Camel rock

Гора "Верблюд"

The mountain Kachkanar has two peaks — northern and southern — which are called «Northern Horn» and «Midday Horn». Each of them is beautiful in its own way, each offers a magnificent view of. But the city of Kachkanar could be seen only from the South summit.

On top of the mountain there are numerous rock outliers of bizarre forms. Many of them have their own names. The most famous rib is Camel rock.

The Kachkanar is one of the highest mountains of the Middle Urals, reaching a height of 887,6 meters above sea level. It's folded with rocks gabbro, peridotites, and pyroxenites.

Toponymist believe that the name of the mountain comes from the Turkic word «kachka» which means «bald» and «nar» — «camel».

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